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Here's why our customers LOVE Gramma Betty's!


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"It was during the Christmas Holiday season (approx. six years ago) that I was first introduced to Grammabetty's candies.  I wanted to give my boss and his family one gift that they could all share. Being a senior executive with the company, he receives a lot of expensive gifts from our business partners and I knew I couldn't compete with them.  However, I wanted to give them something nice and sort of personal that they would all enjoy and appreciate. While sharing my dilemma with my girlfriend, she suggested giving them a personalized Gramma Betty's Gift Basket to include all of their favorite items. Being my boss's personal assistant, I knew all of their favorite wines, goodies, etc. so this turned out to be a great idea.  My boss not only appreciated getting his favorite wines, personalized Gramma Betty's coffee mugs, and other treats - but they absolutely fell in love with the chocolates!  This ended up being an annual Christmas gift that he and his family look forward to receiving and a 'no-brainer' for me."
…Beverly J. Toyota Motors, CA

"I am not a chocolate lover but when I tasted the Gourmet chocolate Covered Praliné, I was amazed, it was so good. It is really has a high grade European Chocolate taste and it blends very well with the Original Gourmet Praliné. I just could not eat one. You guys have hit it. It is just so good."
…Ivan Anderson, Anderson Productions, La Mirada, CA

"I was asked to create a Gramma Betty's song for the website and I said I need to taste it to make sure I can represent the products well. I tell you it was more than great- the song truly represents the candies and even more than that they taste good. You got to try it."
…Bruce Odhiambo, J Cleff Music, Nairobi, Kenya

"This is the best Praliné candy that I have ever tasted.  My mother who is 94 years old, does not eat any other candy other than Gramma Betty's. We always buy in bulk so we can keep giving to my mother all year long. However, when it’s done, she will be harassing me to get her more candy. I have never tasted Praliné anywhere (even in New Orleans) that will surpass Gramma Bettys Pralinés. I hope that he will not just be a seasonal business but an on going candy conglomerate. LOOK OUT Candy Vendors! There is a new sheriff in town!"
…Beverly Y, A/District Retail Manager, Los Angeles, CA

"I was stuck with last minute corporate function and I did not know what gifts to give as a Thank You for our vendor training. I called on Gramma Betty's and the give away- gift in a box favors were delivered right on time. What a relief to know that I can always count on them to deliver on time."
…Laura Johnson, Director Training and Development, Simply Creative, Inc, Long Beach, CA

"Just wanted to 'thank you' personally for the great fund raiser for the seniors. It turned out great and the candies were delicious too. I can’t wait for next year to organize another fund raiser project with your company. The process went well."
…Grace A, Templers Outreach, CA

"I have been buying Gramma Betty's Gift baskets for years for my boss and I missed last year and my boss asked me what happened. Once you give it out as a gift you can’t just miss it, it becomes a tradition."
…Mike Odera, Adimu Inc, Buena Park, CA

"I think the product is by far the best candy I have had. The quality and presentation is excellent, and yet still gives the love and warmth that only comes from your Gramma's kitchen."
…Silver I, West Sacramento, CA

"I have been prodding these folks to do this for years! I am brutally honest, and I rarely lend my name to advertisements/testimonials. However, regarding how good is the candy? Well, I will simply say that in the past, my Cowpokes never received theirs, because I kept it all for myself..."
...Semper Fi, Michael "Major Pain" Parlor